Difference between sustained release and extended release

When it comes to sustained release and extended release of any medication or drug products, us as consumers would at times be confused and unsure on how such medication works in such engineered condition. There are difference between sustained release and extended release of medication and drugs where it comes down to it's contain and substance to its reaction process. Sustained and extended drugs have the same release medications in which those medications dissolve and release in the body over a period of time. These drugs are being formulated in such a way that the active materials are coated with some relatively insoluble materials or films in the terms of medication and pharmacies.

The idea is that when we consumed such medication, the upper layer or coating file is release slowly into the body with the slow release of active material where it gives out constant concentration in the blood stream. These medications have controlled release where the medication releases with the passage of time regardless of the concentration itself. When it comes to the difference between sustained release and extended release, there is not much difference as they both Pain in left side refer to a group of medication that is being designed to be absorbed by the body and take into effect within a specific time frame in matter of 12 to 24 hours. It is designed with the time release technology where it could be compared to instant release technology of other drugs.

The drugs is being release overtime over different periods at a constant amount to allow the drugs or medication to take place effectively as they would not want those drugs to be overdose within your blood and body system if it was to be released all at once with instant effect, keeping stable amounts of the medication within the body system. Such drug release regardless of the difference between sustained release and extended release is that you do not need to take that medication all the time on a frequent basis like an instant release drug. One small difference would be that sustained release would release its medication properties overtime over a controlled amount within a certain period of time where it releases bit by bit for the body to accept such medication.

The extended release is more towards an instant effect medication where once you had consumed the medication, the effects took place effectively and immediately and its extended period of consuming that medication would be often at an hourly basis. When it comes to such medication it all comes down to the activeness of the medication and its ability to sustain and give into effect of the medication itself. The dosage and consumption of the medication is important where the toxicity of the medication would not affect the consumers or those taking the medicine itself. There are even medication that does not have the instant affect and controlled release effect as the medication would be more of consumption and digestion type of medication and there is no limitation to the consumption of such medication for example vitamins pills and health pills.