How Hard is it to get Into Pharmacy School

Before you decide to apply for pharmacy school, you need to ask yourself if this is something that you really want to do and do you know just what being a pharmacist entails. This is not a career field that you want to rush into because it takes time to become a pharmacist and can be hard. Pharmacy school is usually a combination of graduate and undergraduate work. There is a strict curriculum that you have to follow. There are also training for many years that you have to complete low blood pressure in pregnancy before you can begin your job as a registered pharmacist.

How Much Time Will you Have to Commit

When you start college and plan on a pharmacy major, you begin by taking undergraduate courses in pre-pharmacy before you transfer into the pharmacy program or to a college of pharmacology. When you are thinking about the time commitment, you have to think about the entire program. This includes two things, which are graduate level pharmacy studies and undergraduate preparation.

To obtain a doctorate of pharmacy degree, also known as PharmD, you should plan on spending six years in school. During the 2 year program, you will spend time as working in a pharmacy as an intern after learning all the aspects of becoming a pharmacist.


Becoming a pharmacist is more than being able to read those "hard to read" prescriptions and counting pills. When you opt to study to become a pharmacist, you will have to take courses in science and math that are high level. If you are not good in either of these subjects, then it could become a challenge. The classes may even be difficult if you did not do good in science or math classes in high school and only took basic classes. You will have a very hectic schedule. There will be many tests and projects to complete.


In addition to the rigorous schedule another difficulty of going to school for a pharmacy degree is the cost. It is true that when you graduate and become a pharmacist you will make a high salary, you may find yourself pay back a big part of their salary toward student loans. Even if you manage to get financial aid and/or scholarships, they will not pay for everything during the six years you will be going to school. You may find yourself looking for some way to find another source of getting money to help pay for their schooling.


You will have to go through some venues in order to be admitted to pharmacy school. You could apply for the program where you only have to complete 2 years of pharmacy school if you want to pursue graduate studies and have a bachelor's degree. If you so not have a bachelor's degree, then you would need to start as an undergraduate student. When you enter this way you would have to go through the pharmacy program of six years to get your degree.

When you apply at a pharmacy college, they consider many different admissions criteria. Most of the colleges will what to see great scores on your admissions exams for college, which would be SAT or ACT. You should also a high school grade point average of A's and B's. Your transcript from high school should also show that you took high level science and math classes. You may also have to take a "pharmacy-specific college aptitude" test, aka PCAT.

Benefits of Being a Registered Pharmacist

The two best benefits of becoming a registered pharmacist are that you will make a decent living and have a very rewarding career. A registered pharmacist can earn over one hundred thousand dollars a year. You will be working in a field where you will be able to educate people about their health. You will also be helping people receive the medicine they need.

Being a registered pharmacist does not restrict you to working in a pharmacy. You can work in a hospital pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. You can even work for a drug company helping to invent new drugs and performing research.

Seeing all that you have to do to become a registered pharmacist, you may be asking yourself is pharmacy school worth it and the answer to the question is yes.