Possible Causes and Treatments for Pain on Right Side above Hip

If you are having persistent pain on the right side above hip, then this could be result of various causes. Firstly, the pain you are experiencing is experienced by numerous people around the world and it could be treated effectively with proper medical attention. Basically, the pain around hip area is in no way concerned to possible deformity in hip structure because any problem with hip area would give pains in front side rather than back side. It is estimated that, pain on right side above hip is more or less concerned with back or gut problems. It is also known that people from certain profession such as software engineers experience this pain which is directly related to the back troubles raised due to their sitting posture. The exact location of pain, its intensity and frequency is what contributes to find out the exact underlying cause. Here are few possible causes of this kind of pain and their treatments.


Generally the pain occurs in three forms that are grinding pain, throbbing pain and stabbing pain. These are three levels of intensities that determine the underlying cause and possible concern. If you experience constant right side pain above hip then it might be linked with arthritis which occurs due to wear and tear of bones. This is generally seen in elder people but could be found in people from any age group. Another sister of arthritis is the sciatica which also causes this type of pain around the right side of hip area. Sciatica is caused by stretch or pressure on the sciatic nerves present all around the bottom portion. Another grievous cause of this pain could be problems related to gut and this pain usually aggravates in the night time or after regular intervals.

This sort of pain is also experienced in the wake of problems with urinary bladder or urethra. This is also called as cystitis which could be treated with proper medications. This would pain more at the time of urination or immediately after urination. This could be weirdly related to appendix; even though appendix is not situated itchy hands there but in case of sever appendicitis one may experience pain in that area. If your bowel movements are not clear then you might experience low intensity pain over the right side of hip. It might be related to gallbladder problems which situates near the region and it could be anything like gallstones or similar other ailments. If you experience the pain after lifting your leg or while walking then it might be inflammation of bursa (area around shoulder).


The first approach would be to regulate your diet, include loads of fiber in it through veggies and fruits. Second, increase water intake to one glass per hour as this would eliminate problems related to urinary bladder. Then add some low intensity exercises in your regime especially if you are working in Software Company. You could start with yoga as it involves special saunas for strengthening hip and back. You can also perform thorough ultrasound of area to rectify problems with organ functioning and presence of cysts or stones. If it is related to arthritis or sciatica then try massaging the area with hot sesame oil and repeat it for several days to see effect over the pain. If the pain is intense and constant then meet the doctor urgently to rectify the actual problem with its effective treatment.