Why does My Nose Get Stuffy at Night?

ANSWERS: When people say that they have a stuffy nose, it is just another name for nasal congestion or a sinus infection. It is usually a symptom for the flu, a cold, or allergy. Instead of a serious medical condition it is more of a mild to moderate irritation. There is no cure for a stuffy nose but there are various treatments to make you feel better. What happens is that the inflamed blood vessels fill with excess fluids. In turn, this causes swelling in the tissue that surrounds the nose. When the tissue swells the nasal passage gets smaller and you start to find it hard to breath. In addition, there will be the production of excess mucus by the membranes of the nose.

There are many reasons why you get a stuffy nose at night, and it has nothing to do with it being a symptom of a cold, the flu, or allergies. Here are some of the different reasons.

  • There may not be enough humidity in the air when you go to sleep so your nasal passages dry out, become irritated and swell. At night when you sleep you breathe deeper so at night the problem is worse.
  • Sinuses are like small airbags and if they cannot drain right, you find that it is hard to breathe through your nose. At night the problem gets worse because gravity plays a big role in draining your sinuses. When you lay down at night, your sinuses might drain down the back of your throat. This could cause irritation. Laying on one side or the other your sinuses will drain to the side you are laying on, making breathing through your nose hard.
  • Allergies are also another cause of your nose being stuffy at night. If the only time that you have a stuffy nose is at night, you could be allergic to the stuffing or material in your pillow and bedding.
  • If you only get stuffy at night you could also have a deviated septum, which is the thin layer of cartilage that is between your two nostrils. This problem could be from an injury or from a birth defect. When you lay on either side, this obstruction causes the passage to narrow and makes breathing more difficult.

Some of the various treatments include:

  • Over the counter medication that you can get in liquid or capsule numbness after wisdom teeth form. What type you get depends on the symptom such as are you sneezing, is your nose just stuffy, do you have a fever, do you have a cough, etc. You will need to choose a medication that is for colds, flu, or allergy.
  • You could also use a nasal spray
  • There is also the option of a humidifier or steam from a hot shower to loosen up the airways.
  • Prescription breathing treatments
  • Over the counter or prescription inhaler
  • If the sinus infection is caused by a bacterial infection the physician may prescribe an antibiotic
  • You could use some vapor rub under your nose
  • You can make a mixture of water and salt and place a few drops in each nostril
  • You can eat spicy or peppery foods that are natural decongestions
  • Make sure that you drink lots of water
  • Lay on your side will help clear one side of your blocked nose.